Welcome to Women's Business Council of Champaign County

WBC meets the 4th Thursday of every month for a luncheon meeting.  (With the exception of November and December which are re-scheduled due to the holiday's.) Those months will be posted on our calendar.  Go to our calendar and click on the luncheon you are interested in attending and more details are available.

Guest are welcome to attend up to two meetings before joining.   Go to our membership page or documents page for a copy of our membership application.

The cost of our monthly luncheon is $14 if paid by the RSVP date.  It's $20 after the RSVP date and at the door.     

        See EVENTS page for upcoming events   

From left to right:
Kristina Grebner, Cory Henkel, Kristie Hayes

Congratulations to Kristina Grebner (pictured on left) of Cargill for being named WBC's Member of the Year for  2013!

 The involvement of our members is key to our  organization's continued success.



Women's Business Council Needs YOU!

The Women's Business Council of Champaign County was formed in 1985.  We are affiliated with the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce.  In 2014, we are celebrating 29 years as an organization for working women.  The world has changed since 1985, but some things remain the same. We are still committed to giving our members ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our organization thrives through the participation of its members on 8 different committees. Through these committees, WBC provides monthly luncheon programs, a newsletter, community support, the opportunity for continuing education through scholarship awards, and the availability of social networking events.

We invite you to become a WBC member to invest in your future and the future of your community!

Top 10 Reasons to Belong to WBC

  • Networking opportunities - meet other business women in our community
  • Community service opportunities - volunteer and support organizations within our community
  • Professional growth opportunities - scholarships and luncheon programs
  • Personal growth opportunities - programs on health, safety, finances, etc.
  • Leadership growth opportunities - become involved on the WBC Board and chair a committee
  • Business opportunities - promote your business through luncheon sponsorships, membership table, newsletter ads, door prize donations, networking and via brag-a-buck
  • Socializing opportunities - networking events and monthly luncheons
  • Teamwork opportunities - work on various committees and service projects
  • Friendship opportunities - it comes with the territory
  • Fun opportunities - the ultimate reason-we have fun together!